Pledge Revive It formerly Pledge Floor Care Finish Clear, Pledge Klear UK for Model Clear Parts Magic Wash

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Pro Model Making Pledge Revive It Gloss replaces the mighty Pledge Klear, Pledge With Future Shine and Pledge Floor Care Finish. Perfect for Magic Wash. Alternative to Pledge Klear and Pledge FloorCare Finish. UK stock for fast delivery from

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Pledge Revive It Gloss replaces Pledge Floor Care Finish and the mighty Pledge Klear. Pledge Floor Care, now discontinued too, only available in the USA, ModelFix hold limited UK stock.

As the original Pledge Klear and Pledge FloorCare Finish, the New Pledge Revive It Gloss from S C Johnson, provides a beautiful, transparent, long-lasting shine to canopies and clear model parts without yellowing.

!!Unfortunately we are no longer able to stock Pledge Floor Care Finish as it is out of production, it has been replaced by Pledge Revive It Gloss, which we have found works exactly as Finish and Klear. SCJ #35 *3597 Formula and Ingredients match exactly, as do all barcodes etc.!!

  • Replaces Pledge Klear
  • Replaces Pledge FloorCare Finish
  • Alternative to Pledge Klear and Pledge FloorCare Finish
  • Pledge Revive It Gloss provides a beautiful, transparent, long-lasting shine to clear model parts
  • No yellowing
  • UK stockist
  • Next day delivery available
  • 798ml (27 floz)
  • Magic Wash
  • SCJ #35 *3597 Formula
Model making clear part before coating image
Clear Model Canopy Before dipping
Model making clear part after coating with Pledge Floor Care Finish Klear Magic Wash image
Clear Model Canopy after coating with Pledge Revive It










The Modeller’s Magic Tool : Pledge Revive It Gloss (Formerly ‘FloorCare Multi-Surface Finish’, ‘Pledge With Future Shine’, ‘Future’ and ‘Klear’)

There are a lot of great modelling materials. One of the greatest is a product by the S.C. Johnson that was formerly called ‘Finish’, ‘Future’ and ‘Klear’ before that. It is now sold as Pledge Revive It Gloss. This clear acrylic liquid has multiple uses for modellers.

Magic for Clear Model Parts

Pledge Revive It Gloss will radically improve the look of model canopies and other clear cast model parts.
Simply dip the clear model parts in the Pledge Revive It Gloss, shake off excess and allow them to dry on a paper towel. Then cover with a cup or container to prevent any dust settling, whilst they dry.
This has the following benefits:
  • Makes the clear parts appear clearer, thinner and almost like real glass.
  • Will cover over and eliminate scratches caused by sanding with fine abrasives.
  • Seals clear parts against the frosting effect created by glues.
  • Prevents age related yellowing of clear parts.
Pledge Revive It Gloss can be removed from model parts with ammonia, so if you make a mistake, simply soak the parts in a water/ammonia solution to remove the Pledge Revive It Gloss.

Also use as an economical Gloss Coat

Pledge Revive It Gloss can even be applied from an airbrush (after thinning with ammonia) to create a glossy coating, or even mix in a small amount of flat finish to create a semi-gloss final coat.

Classic toy and model restoration

Pledge Revive It Gloss can also be used for the restoration and protection of Corgi®, HotWheels®, Dinky Toys®, Mecanno®, LEGO® and many other classic toys. Not only will Pledge Revive It Gloss restore dull clear plastic parts, but it will protect from dust.


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Dimensions 10.2 × 6.1 × 25 mm
Magic Wash

Perfect for Magic Wash



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SCJ #35 *3597 Formula

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